The nature of Big An opened mind leads to understanding.
Life always flows outward

"Seek first to understand, then to be understood". (Stephen Covey)

I am taking 100% responsibility for my life, for what I am today. I am not staying here. I must be moving on

Responsibility is not culpability. Responsibility does not mean I am guilty of anything or that I am responsible or at fault for everyone else’s decisions. Even though I am responsible for my choices, and how they affect others near me, I am also affected by the choices of others around me. I cannot be held responsible for others actions and their effects on their related aspects of my existence. However I cannot always escape the situations that this state of being brings about. 

Here I have a choice. 

It’s either Love or fear.

 No matter how it looks and how it is dressed, when all is said and done it is clear that Love is the only choice that remains. That is how the cycle is broken, how the new path is found and its door gets opened. Love is the only answer that really matters Understanding this principle and properly following it, returns the real power to the individual. 

Be up and ever more powerful, focused and envisioned. Be to be inspired, not merely motivated. Love and allow yourself to be powerfully, wonderfully loved. build a life that is strong meaningful and powerful. build in the best of company. the company of those who share this vision, who want to come along moving towards a common goal, a determined shared destiny. 

WE often reject the notion of Bigness. We often hold the notion of Big as Big business, heartless and mean. But that is not what Big really is. Big is a thing of the heart a notion of the soul. Every thing in Nature is meant to be big, larger than life as we know it. Think of it this way. Life is ever growing, it looks are growth without limit and in doing so it travels towards immortality.
The very fabric of life is made for big. Growth is a fundamental characteristic of life and is made to support the natures and the state of Bigness Life is Big. It is filled with Goodness, Blessings and Loving kindness. It is blessed beyond whatever one have ever can conceive or imagine. Be free to be the person you always have dreamt you could be. serve with confidence and competence. Aim to and do add value where ever you go.
Do not wait for anyone; you will not build on maybes, on what is not really there. Maybe is a non-event; maybe is nonfact May be goes nowhere.
See it before you get it. It all starts in the mind. It has to happen in your mind before it can be birthed in reality


The nature of Big 2

“It has to happen in your mind before it can be birthed in reality” ©2015 – 2017 Raymond J Dionne “Seek first to Understand “ Living with our eyes opened
Because if fulfills the Mission:
To build and create a better life and a better for myself and for those I care about. It is about leaving this place in a better state than when I found it. To build a life that bear good fruits.
Do this by bringing together a team of people who have a desire and a passion to serve others, to help them live a better life by helping them resolving their financial dilemmas. It’s about helping others become successful.
When one gets Big,
One can stop worrying about money. Imagine not having to worry about where money comes from.
When you get Big, the small stuff does not bother you. The concern shifts to about affecting others in a positive ways. You have the means and the resources to take care of you; of your own. You are in a better position to support others. Big means you’re adding to the lives of those around you. Big is righteous. Real Righteousness is a thing of the heart. Real Righteousness is manifested when someone fearlessly does the right thing every time.
You must start by thinking and acting the way a big person would. You must start before the evidence appears. Actively believe in Big and it will come to pass. World Class people look at their garden first. They tend to their Garden first. They make sure it is looked after properly.
We have to come to the decision to commit to the achievement of our purpose. Too many of us and far too often we limit our understanding of our purpose to the daily activities. And often our grander purpose gets lost in the day to day. We fail in our pursuits because our commitments are tied to our sense of self worth. Our commitments are conditional, subject to the conditions and circumstances we live in, they are not commitment but preconditioned wishes that we wish we can be lucky enough to get to.
As long as we submit to our set of circumstances we will remain where we are. We must commit to become as big as the goals we want to achieve, as big as our highest ideals. We must begin to act and move in the realm of what we seek.
It all starts with a thought, a desire, a longing. It must become real in the mind before it becomes reality in life. That’s the desire where Big starts.
Live with the intention of growing into the person you commit to become. Make decisions that support it. Allow no one that is stuck in the old idea of you to have say in your life. Seek higher and deeper understanding and significance, do not neglect he spiritual. Seek deeper and more life affirming relationships while attending to it transcend your meanings from the physical to the psychic
Due diligence begins with your own life. You want to discover and know how Big behaves thinks and acts, and take on the fabric of Big as your own. Duplicate what you see in others that will take you to what you want to become. It is not a spectator sport; it is a science, a discipline, built on observation, reflection, application and diligence.
Big means that you are self sufficient, autonomous, independent. Big means you are in a position to make a significant difference in the world around you. You are empowered to make changes on a grander scale. Big is being in a position to win. To stay in the Big means you’re living at a higher level of consciousness. The outside is always a reflection of the inside. “Real clean is always evidenced in the cupboards”.


The nature of Big 3

“It has to happen in your mind before it can be birthed in reality” ©2015 – 2017 Raymond J Dionne “Seek first to Understand “ Living with our eyes opened
When you start moving in the direction if largeness and abundance, Big becomes evident. Life begins to flow as it should: Outward.
Big is not bad. Some say it is. Those who do merely play not to lose, that is the pauper’s way it is only scary when your ego tries to take over. When consciousness rules ego takes its proper place in your mind and heart .
Big can begin from anywhere, it starts from an idea that grows. To most in the beginning, it is not recognized as Big. It is often seen at the start as small and not very significant. Big is organic, it desires growth and it is in its nature to bear fruits after its own kind. . It is born out of the right habits, actions and always brings forth good results. Dare to see it clearly, it’s ok to begin with a small picture, make sure you build on it. Big seeks growth and looks to evolve, it can best be manifested in an environment free from constraints of ego, top down structures or dogmas.
Big is disciplined in its thinking. Your mind and heart are stretched beyond their present state, Big will move you forward, outward where life flows. Learn to swim with the flow. Big understands right beliefs builds on good thinking, creates, and fosters a positive outlook, that brings about positive expectations of good; it is foundational in making better decisions and lasting commitments, helps take actions in better ways. This form of focused controlled and disciplined thinking always brings about good results.
“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” (proverbs 23;7).
Big focuses thoughts on the foundation of honorable, right and purposeful principles
“ Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Philippians 4:8King James Version (KJV).
Good thinking goes beyond emotionally loaded perceptions and rewrites instinctive, habitual beliefs and responses. Good thinking is rooted in the spiritual. When thoughts are rooted in life the flow of the inner self moves outward towards others toward life. Life ever flows outward.
Everything in nature reflects the nature of life. Life takes care of its own. Every animal within nature is programmed to do its function flawlessly, thus adding to the greater tapestry that is life itself; seeking nothing other than fulfilling its purpose, the animal lives and dies unwittingly pursuing its assigned destiny. We are more than animals.
We are created to be spiritual beings
While we may share in many physical attributes with the rest of creation. As a spiritual being we are shaped and designed to reach into the greater consciousness and take part in the creative process of the world around us. Mankind has been given a great gift. It has been given the ability to create its own destiny through to rightful application of free will. This application works with the power of choice which itself is rooted in mankind’s ability to reason and to think. When an individual thinks life creating thoughts, life flows.


The nature of Big 4

“It has to happen in your mind before it can be birthed in reality” ©2015 – 2017 Raymond J Dionne “Seek first to Understand “ Living with our eyes opened
Thoughts are waves; they come, activated from all of our five senses. Through the sum of our experiences, our ego is what gives them meaning. It’s either Love or fear. Our ego is what must be tamed. Our thoughts must be directed towards Love. We can only do this by practicing mindfulness and being in the present.. As it is said this moment is all we really have, this time the only place that matters. Everything we do, are and become, evolve from our present. Our present is the predictor of our future. Then we can choose the path we follow, and then we can call our life, our own.

When someone dwells on ego driven thoughts, an individual follows a darker thought patterns. Life is thwarted. Ego limits living to survival. Its whole focus is preservation, and guards against imaginary dragons. It restricts life by injecting fearsome thoughts of unforeseeable calamities. Every thought based on ago, is based on fear and the need to survive. Thus Loneliness comes from a selfish notion of Love, Poverty from a dark misconception of wealth, Fear from misunderstanding of what we see or feel. But it all comes from “I” the smaller self. It is all ego generated. Your lack determines your ignorance willful or otherwise for the things you fail to respect.
Poverty is the selfish ego driven evidence of spiritual arrogance born out of ignorance. This defeatist state of being is borne of ignorance or willful disregards that money is power. So the disrespect of the power that money brings causes wealth to avoid being where it is not respected. What you give power to becomes more powerful.
Be willing to go deeper. Learn to respect and acknowledge the innate power given to all things. Everything in the world today has an inherent power of its own. It starts with their state of being or their power to be. By lacking respect for something, you empower it’s opposite in your life.
. In the same light keep away from anything and anyone who merely takes without thoughts of giving or adding to life. They may look like they have it all together, say all the right words even do some good things but beware in the end it’s all about their own gain. Ego has no staying power. Shut the takers out. Leave them to their own devices. They have created their own Karma
When consciousness rules the mind, Faith and Courage takes their rightful place at the rudder of our emotions. (A spirit of Love, Power and of a sound mind… 2nd Tim 1:7) Anticipation replaces dread, excitement replaces worry, and the heart of man is then readied to receive the Blessings that are waiting to be handed down from the hand of God. (For Every gift, every perfect gift, comes from above, handed down from the Father of Light in whom there is no shadow of turning James 1:17). So, when thinking is willfully based on life affirming ideas beliefs and principles they too will create results based on their own kind. Choose your thoughts with care and abide in the light where life flows freely.
Be Fearless. What is outside of you only has the power you give it. It is what lives in you that dictate your life in your day to day. The power of thought is build upon the law of nature: it creates more after its own kind. If thought is flawed the results of the thinking will be flawed by the very nature of the thoughts that brought it about. Results are always of the same nature as the thoughts and actions that brought them about.
Choose your thoughts with the same care one would choose the priciest of possession, for they are. Thoughts are the forecasters of your life, the makers of your tomorrows. It is a universal law that is inviolate; whoever owns their thoughts wields the creative power of the universe. “Good thoughts always bear good fruits” – James Allen. Your words and your deeds rightfully, accurately reflect your thoughts. 


The nature of Big 5

“It has to happen in your mind before it can be birthed in reality” ©2015 – 2017 Raymond J Dionne “Seek first to Understand “ Living with our eyes opened
You must be the one that is on fire. You must first stoke your fire and keep the flames burning. Direct your thoughts and your conversations towards the execution of your goals and purpose… Big knows useful from useless. Big seeks light always.
Imagine the life that can be lived, when we accept no limits. Set out to life such life

You must conquer who you are. Seek self reliance; do not allow for others to carry you. Carry your share of the load and then a little bit more. Reject offers and interference from others to do what you can and must do for yourself. This creates a sense of confidence and reliability in oneself and others. While no one achieves a successful life alone, one must first learn to be independent, and then work towards interdependence. True and genuine interdependence builds on trust reciprocity and predictability, ushers and facilitates teamwork.
Learn to appreciate the fact that teamwork often fosters true love and re-enforces a common purpose. No one wins alone… Make it a habit to contribute. Know the company you keep. Keep your associations in line with your principles, goals and purpose. Seek good people of character, honesty whose integrity is irreproachable. Those who seek life and who honor life with their gifts. Seek to become more like those people. To earn the right to associate with such.
Remember what your mission is: Understand and undertake your responsibility to the mission. You have a responsibility to remain in position to complete the mission, to maintain alignment and congruence with the aim and the spirit of the mission. Have a servant’s heart and keep the company of like minded people. .
Life invites us to learn to come to the place where we are opened to receive a different understanding and vision of who we are than we have been told we were or what we perceive ourselves to be. We are urged to agree with the fact that we are likely better beings than what we have come to believe we are, that we have “settled” for the notion that our imperfections are greater than our qualities. We mistakenly believe that our life is the results of immutable factors shaping our destiny, that our past, our inheritances invariably shape the circumstances of our lives and is an unchangeable path from which there is no way out. Nothing is further from the reality that is out there. We can change the way we live. We can change the daily facts of our lives. Others do and live better lives. We can change pretty much anything we decide to. There is nothing that is beyond reach. Kick Drama out of your life.

Look for fruitfulness and anticipate positive growth.

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