Go for the Goosebumps,

Live with butterflies in your stomach.

Living with your eyes opened


Too many times we let our dreams, our goals and ambition on the back burners. May be the circumstances do not seem to work in our favor, or all we do sometimes seems to be going upstream against the current. We feel frustrated and thwarted in our attempts to get what we want. Sometimes it is us; too often we impose our own limits to what we can do or become. We often delude ourselves into believing that at times it seems to be for the benefit of others because we feel we are wrong to do things for ourselves. As if taking care of yourself, of reaching out for your dreams is selfish. We are often told to be “reasonable”. Either we don’t want to disappoint, or worse we live in fear of being a narcissist or to lose affection or approval. We are more focused on what others may think of us and fit in than being who are born to be. We lack vision and we lose our way. We have formed our own prison from which few of us see that the door has never been locked.
The irony of it all is that we get lost looking for a key that is not even needed. The saddest part of it is that we then start to believe that this is all there is, and we settle for much less than what is offered and available to us. We accept that what we see know and do is all there is, we become reasonable. We learn to play not to lose, status quo is new normal.
Even though, especially because we live among others, nothing is further from the truth. Life calls you, if you listen to your heart of heart and to the stillness of your soul you will hear it call you to be ever greater than you are. You can make any change in your life you deem necessary. Others do and live a better life; others face their facts and take action to change things. It’s within your power to do so. All you have to do is move towards it one step at a time. 

Be unreasonable,
Being reasonable is the epitaph on the tombstone of your dreams. It is the victory cry of the enemy.
To change your life you must let go of all your pre-conceived notion of the possible, of what you “know” you can and cannot do. To do so you must search within the depth of your heart and find out what is there, that is truly yours, and what has been put there by others. You may find that some of what is there is yours from the beginning while some others come from somewhere else,
There are things you want to give up. You have to. Give up on the dreams and the ideas that other people have put into your mind. At least challenge them. Put them to the test. Are they for real? And those who speak into your life, have they walked the path they speak of? And even if all the answers are on the positive, still, what has been placed in your heart may not be for you.
Perhaps what they say and who they are inspire you? That would be good. It could even be a good place to start. But understand this: Unless they speak to the core of you, their thoughts words and deeds are not your own. If they become a drone, shut it all off; give it all up. Give up on what others think of you, of what you think of you! Simply accept that you are where you are and move on. Give up on what you think you ought to be and embrace what you dream to be! Time doesn’t matter, opinions from others don’t matter. Give it all up and keep a single vision before you. A vision of your choice! Focus your eyes, your heart your very soul on that single vision. Let it burn inside you like an ever burning amber. A fire in the belly,

Don’t be Reasonable. 2

Live with butterflies in the stomach: Live in positive anticipation that what is just beyond your vision, what lies just over the horizon, is more than what your mind can conceive or imagine. Be excited about life, about what is possible, about what you can do. Embrace the uncertainty! It is all for you. Change is the norm. Initiate the change you want to see in your world. Since change is inevitable, why not make a change towards something that makes your heart soar and your soul sing?
Bear your Soul: Strip all the layers you wear everyday! Seek to find out the person you really are, Go in your aloneness; Go for a face to face with yourself, Discover the truer you, your higher self. See yourself for what you are, go get naked before God and have a conversation with The Almighty, it may become a fierce conversation. That too may be necessary.
Again know this: Fire in the belly and Passion in the heart aren’t borne out of fairy tales or pleasantries. In the process our very foundational beliefs need to be challenged and proven true, or they need to be ruthlessly discarded. At every level. No matter the attachment
Find out what you are made of, what you are made for: Dig and dig and dig.
Try a thousand different things if you have to. It doesn’t matter if you fail at some or of you fail at all. Failure is part of the journey; a course correction. Everyone and Everything is a lesson, a marker, a truth to discover along the way. Everything is a blessing, and has meaning; everything is saying something about you, about life. Shut off the noise inside your head. Shout out the noise from the world. Listen to your heart and soul. Find your quiet place and listen. It is about your life, its meaning. Go there often.
Find out what keeps you tender at the core. What you find beautiful, uplifting; what makes you smile, what fills your heart and soul with Love and contentment; hang on to that too. Love does not scream out loud. Love calls at you in the quiet, is gentle and kind. Its voice is a whisper. Who would seek love needs to stop be still for a moment and listen. It calls out quietly; in that manner it keeps you searching, it keeps you grounded. It keeps you real. Search for it. It’s the only answer that really matters
Take time to really imagine the life you want, do this with serious intent – you want this. You have every right; every reason why it must come to pass it has to it is yours for the taking. Simply admit that where you are NOW comes short and that you are moving on
Find out what makes your heart beat faster and hold on to that thing. You have faith and a deeply anchored belief that the outcome you seek is assured. It doesn’t matter what it is. That is who and what you are created to be!
As you discover more and more you’ll gain a measure of wisdom, you’ll acquire discernment. You will begin to sort out the necessary from the frivolous, the real from the imaginary. The real will be unveiled to your eyes and understanding will enter into your heart. Making commitments and the ability to make conscious decisions will no longer be mysteries. You will enter in the chamber of the ancient wisdom. You will hear the heartbeat of the Universe. You will get that we know so little. With humble wisdom comes real power.
Dig and dig and dig. 

Don’t be Reasonable. 3

Once you know that you know that you know what you know. Once you’ve decided on what makes you breathe, what makes you excited, gives you goose bumps. Once you set your eyes on the direction your life must take, Take it, and wrap it around your heart and soul like a cloak of rightness. Shut out everything else.
There will be the dissenters, the scoffers, the ones who don’t see it. They’ll never see it.
There are ones who will hate you for what you make them feel. They are Losers, lazies, and cowards.
Some days they may be the loudest seem the baddest and almost will make sense. Shut them out. Scream back at them if you need to. Their thinking is the enemy. Keep your thoughts your own, own them. Own your mind. Still be willing to change, opened to learn, geared for growth.
Learn to pick up the gauntlet of life to move forward raising to the challenge
Get Angry. Get angry at the right things. Not at people, not at yourself. But get angry at the things that cause you to fail. Get angry at the repetitive manners by which we so often fail again and again. Get angry enough to force the change that needs to happen, to shake the apathetic usual response to the same old things that come again and again. They are the familiar tone deaf sounds of the person you must leave behind, the very person you have outgrown.
Ignore unrequested criticism Ignore freely offered opinions about you on what your status is or where they think you’re going from those who have no stakes in the game you’re in. It is worth about as much as what you paid for them: Nothing. And often even less. They are based on wishes, guesses and have little resemblance to your reality. They are but a mirror of their discomfort with you, where you are or where they think you are going. Delusions does work both ways. Stay away from those whose certainty is built without asking questions Silent and listen are made of the same letters. Use both, use it often. Deny the words of those that don’t
Abandon all that is in you that aim to keep you where you are, every single thing that keeps you from seeing your goal, your dreams your chosen destiny. Abandon it all leave it out there in the cold, in the rain. Put your ego in its place. Ego is not a friend. Ego is merely the version of your smaller self. Leave it all there to die. It’s all it’s worth.
Good is never good enough.
For good to have any value, it must lead to better, better must be leveraged to bring about the best, and the best is but a key to excellence. Now excellence is a state of being, a way of life, a journey by which one has a chance to discover the optimum qualities that are within and reaching for those, shine the light upon the miracles that God has in mind for that individual’s life. Imagine living the life that can be lived, the light that we can shine…
Cease to be reasonable.

Don’t be Reasonable. 4

Resolutions are pointless. Instead set goals that are meaningful to you. This will do for you what a thousand resolutions will never even come close to. Those goals will energize you. Empower your resolve and clarify you vision. Focus on your strengths not your perceived weaknesses; what you focus on expands. Your thoughts are the foretellers of your life. Discern between thoughts and wishes.
Listen less to what others think and say; instead watch their actions. Action is the real witness of the thoughts within. As within so is without. Spend more time listening to your soul’s wisdom. Again and always take time to seek your quiet.
While remaining credible, dare to stretch beyond the believable.
Leave those who seek to keep you a captive of your present. Your present will soon be your past. Leave them there. That is where they belong. Steadily, steadfastly with purpose move towards the life of your choosing. In the end we are the ones that define the quality of our days, we write the story of the days of our lives, the pen is as always in our hands.
This is our life. The page is left blank waiting for us to pen the story there in. The pen is in our hand, our destiny is not set, and fate is not carved in stone. Our tomorrows are neither unmovable nor unchangeable. They are but the sum of all out “todays”. Great or small, when we set to give our best, our best always gets better.
Resolutions are mere wishes left to chance. Resolve to make a life.
Conquer yourself. , no sacrifices is too great; you must be the one that is on fire. Regardless of what anyone else says or does, let no one put out your fire. Fight back if you must. At all cost you must seek to be self reliant you must learn to be independent, and then seek to live in interdependence with others that are on the same path. Let no one carry you. You are not a child, grow into the person you are dreaming of being. While it is no easy task, there is no higher calling than living up to your ultimate design.
Stop thinking you are not enough. You are. It may be that you are so enough that those who can’t handle it leave. That is a good thing. Believe me you may not feel it now, but in time their leaving is actually a good thing. And yes humility and thinking grounded dictates that you’re leaving someone may be good thing for them too. The blade cuts both ways, suck it up learn from it, be better and move on. Either way it is a blessing.
In the end it is up to no one else but you. Never has been, Never will be. Even when others take parts or are accessories in the events that challenge your life, behind the curtain you will find it’s you, in the version of your smaller self that refuses to leave.
Just leave it without even saying good bye. Shut the door hard and leave it out in the cold hard days of your yesterdays. That is where it belongs leaving it there, it no longer has relevance; be ruthless with it. Give it no thoughts, no time, no power. It is but a ghost of your past that has outlived its welcome.
Answer the call of the higher version of you that seeks to become evident.
Give up on everything you have been for the shot at everything you ever dreamed you could be: a shot at being the real you! Become the one that you were designed to be. It is the best, the greater version of you. Dig and dig and dig.

Don’t be Reasonable. 5

Be opened to what Life shows you. Abandon this version of you, you’ve been told you are. Be unreasonable. It may seem good in your own eyes. It may be a starting point, know this: Good is not good if it is the destination. Good alone leads nowhere, its average and average is much less that what anyone can become. Better is ever the way to best, and best is the opened door to excellence. Now excellence is not a destination, Excellence is a way of life, Excellence is your calling.
All is right, right now, All is exactly as it should. Once this time has passed a new time will come and that too will be exactly right… When we develop the faith that lifts life and moves mountains; no event or circumstance can move us to fear… Sadness, sometimes. But fear no longer has a hold on our heart.
Believe in what the song in your heart is telling you! Listen to life’s voice in the quiet spaces of your soul; you are created in a spirit of unfathomable love, fearfully and wonderfully fashioned in the Image of Life! And you have been given the brushes to give it color and movements for no one else can give it breath. But You!
No matter what you choose to do, give it ALL you got.
You are worth no less.
As a matter of fact your worth is inestimable. There is not a net worth that is big enough to match up with you. You are invaluable. It is your calling to live up to what you are at the very core of you. And no, it is not bad. No matter what you have been told you were, what you were made to believe. No matter what mistakes you’ve done, None of this matters. It’s all been used in shaping of who you are. It is good. God said it was good. Those who said it was bad were liars and purveyors of death to the soul. Leave them. Ignore them. Turn your back on them. Just walk away.
Believe the quiet still small voice that speaks life to you from the depth of your soul. Believe God. Not men.
Abandon all who tell you to be reasonable, (you may get hurt… no one normal does that… see it their way…) it is too big, that you won’t make it. Shut the door to all who tell you that they’ll be keep the room warm for you when you get back. You won’t. You don’t want to. Don’t care what it is.
If it goes against your appointed destiny, if it is not big enough to die for. Leave it.
Sometimes it’s hard to leave something you love, but get this. Those who love you will feed your dream! They will water your garden; help you dig your well. They will help you build a shelter for your soul. If what you love keeps you small, it does not love you. It uses you. Leave it. Leave them. Short term pain. Eternal gain.
Know that it’s ok not knowing… Make the call anyway. It’s ok not to be sure if whether or not something would turn out in your favor if we had done it differently or stayed. . That is ego trying to keep you fearful, by making you fearful of losing something. Embrace the uncertainty; there is a reason you came to the decision you came. No it was not necessarily the wrong call. And the reasons you came to the decisions were not necessarily wrong.
Trust this: if it is yours, it will return in a better way, with a clearer vision, with the right commitment. Anything else means its time is done or that it was never yours to keep anyway. Move on. There is an opened door waiting for you. Look for it and walk in.

Don’t be Reasonable. 6

Stay away from superstitious logic. Keep from giving away your power to vague or mysterious logic. You may again have that sense that it was meant to be, no matter who or what you’ve drawn into your life. That too is false logic; nothing is meant to be, except for your freedom to choose and your power to create. Tomorrow is a blank slate in terms of people, work, and play, because it, too, will be of your making.
All that really matters starts from within.
What is outside of you has no real power. It is what lives in you that dictate your life in your day to day. Turn the dark off. Don’t fight it; just don’t acknowledge it, Know that for the time being, it may be here, but it won’t last forever. Dark is not eternal. It is but the absence of light. Light shines forever
Discover your state of being. Just Be. Be the love you seek, the life you dream of be the adventure you want to write about.
Know this: Fear is a liar: Go face your own as a knight would face a Dragon for the purpose of gaining the prize. The prize you seek is worth your all. The prize is you! The very person you we were created to be, a person in constant state of being, a person of character, of strength love and power. One who has become is now worthy to follow, to become, and to die for.
Stop! Turn around; take a long hard look at what you think is chasing you. Most are nothing but figments of your imaginations, you are running from phantasms. None of those are real. They are Ghosts of fear, gossamers of perceived dangers that exist only in our mind, dragons of vapors; These paper tigers are only faint
images, painted in the colors of your fears. Face them and see how small they really are, see how their colors run in the face of your courage. They are nothing but imaginings, planted by design to spur you to reach for the greater you.
Those who surrender to their fear have no part in your story. Let their fears spur you on to more greatness.
Your fears are making a lie of your life. Face the ones that remain, one at the time, you want to. Deal with them; in this, they are the opened doors to growth to your better self. Take them on. Trust in a Power that is greater than you. Learn to allow your higher self to re-interpret your fears and see them with Love.
Accept no excuses, from yourself or from others. Opt for blunt uncompromising honesty.
Be ruthless with this line of thinking. Start with the person in the mirror. There is no point in lying to ourselves. Our delusions will always be our own undoing. There are no reasons that will stand, be kind, still don’t be reasonable. That’s how we win at being the better person. For sure there will be more doors to open, and that is all good; for growth on this side of the divide is infinite, it will go on until our very last breath. Be steadfast, be relentless, It is a lifelong journey.
Look hard at the results of your life. Are those results the ones you want? Know that they are the ones you earned, strictly and honestly based on what you have done, on the decisions you have made. Those decisions are what brought you here. You are no victim, only the results of the decisions you have made. Call things for what they are not for how they make you feel, nothing is ever what it seems, Emotions will sometimes color things in ways that hide reality. Speak of facts not truths, talk in term of the present and the future not in term of the past. Your life speaks for itself. It tells the tale of your past. 

Don’t be Reasonable. 7

There is no need to rehash or justify. When you are called out on an issue, your answer must be based on facts. Either one did or one did not. The reasons why are irrelevant they are but justification. Reign in your emotions and speak the truth, Hard to take sometimes and harder to do, but it will free you life!
Fire the parent in you! Steer away from the drone of constant self criticism. Be kinder in your self-talk. Approach your results in the same way a best friend would. Be understanding without justification. Just set out to learn and do it better next time. Be a loving honest and caring friend to you! That’s how we grow up to be the better person.
Show the way; The Dream never dies; it will remain beyond our time here, and carry the wind of our life wherever it goes. So dream, be it unreasonable, and follow its path. It calls you by name, beckons you to rise to the vision it has drawn within your heart and soul. Embrace it with quiet determined passion. It is not fantasy. The dream of your heart is part of the greater tapestry of life, its strand, a part of the Great Design.
Live by agreement. To do you must first learn to be. The act of becoming is an act of birthing. Accept no compromise. Only live by agreements. Living by agreement means that you and whoever is with you understand and accept the cost, rewards and the consequence of what is agreed to. It is shared a responsibility a win-win.
Live without compromise: Compromises weaken our position by putting us in a debt status, we owe to the one that made concessions. One day they will collect; one day we will have to pay that debt. We serve no one by playing small to please others or by playing not to lose.
No one will pay our bills for us and few will be willing to deal with the consequences of their counsel… We are fearfully and wonderfully made. So let’s make the best of who we are and what we have, Then Trust in the Almighty’s Hand for the Results… That’s Awesomeness.
We cannot build on maybes. Wait for no one, not everyone will go with you. We are not all on the same path though many among us share the same destination. We all have our own path, we all have a given timeline, and everything, everyone in our lives have a place and time, for our mutual sharing of life, for our common growth.
Be unreasonable. Embrace the real you, make who you dream to be a shining light. Become that light! Leave the comfort of the familiar. Leave the crowded places of the common and seek your quiet. The Oracle awaits you in that place. There you will find water to quench your thirst and wisdom for your soul. There you will find strength for the Journey.
It’s necessary to have a connection. It’s a basic human need. Just to be able to sit down and have a quiet time with someone you trust. Just to talk or not talk. Just to have the freedom to be. That is what the heart longs for, and the water the soul needs. There is no such thing as a self made person. We all need someone to belong with. Not to belong to, but someone to “be” with. That is living a life in a loving relationship.
`You are worth all the Love, all the Life and all the Victory you have ever dreamed of. For your Dreams are not only birthed in your mind, but fashioned in the heartbeat of God for you to live them out in the light of day. They are your good gifts, they are your perfect gifts given unto to you from the Father of Light in whom there no changing of the mind.

Don’t be Reasonable. 8

Just love…

 Not just like, not be fond of… Just Love… Hold the door for someone, carry a bag, hug a friend, and pick up the slack for a tired one. Hold the ones you love just a little tighter, just a little longer, take the time to care … encourage, be not a flatterer, but see the good in someone, and tell them what you see in them. Tell them often. Do all of that, first to the person in the mirror, then to the one you love, then to the world, expecting nothing from anyone. Life will respond with Blessings. Always remember: Love is the only answer that really matters. We can’t always show love the way we want. But we must always show love in anyways we can. We must always show love…
It is the only answer that really matters
Raymond J Dionn

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