As within, so it is without.
Looking into the two sided mirror.

How can we possibly love others more than we love ourselves?
How can Love overcome the image of it we hold in our heads, of how things are supposed to be? This image is often made
up of the constant drone of our day to day, of our perceptions and of other people’s opinions, and understandings of what
they have previously experienced in their lives. It may be good or bad, we may also have a different perception of the like
events which brought different results to our lives.
When we hold on to this imported image too tightly it often becomes our reality. While the actual facts, the impartial
reality of a situation is usually a far cry from what we understand it to be.
How can we be loved in any ways that are more meaningful than how we love who we are? `We can only feel the love
we allow ourselves to receive, the Love we think we deserve. In the same way, we can only go as far as one lets us in. No
matter how much there is out there and the Love that flows out there is eternal and everywhere, one can only accept
what one can visualise and see themselves take in.

We often are surprised disappointed and frustrated when we love someone with such intensity and realise that this love
is not reciprocal. We see the object of our affection speaking of the very thing we are so willing and eager to give only to
find that it is not desired from us. The truth is; it will not be received because it is not wanted from us. We must realised
then that maybe the way we see that person may be flawed in that blinded by our desire we are more in love with the
idea of being in love and really loving the person.
Loving that person then takes on the image of love without the substance. Realise then that person’s emotional honesty
is the best gift that person can give you. And the disappointment you feel is far less painful than the heartbreak either
one of you can suffer if one falls for this infatuated illusion.
The fact is: Love is better, deeper, has more passion and is far more fabulous than what we can ever dream or imagine.
This Love is for us, it is available to everyone. Let us expand our horizons, and our capacity to Love and receive love will
expand; we will grow stronger, less moved by the emotion of the moments, or the random thoughts and impulses that pass
by our beings, distractions wasting the substance of what lie in our destiny.
As within… so is without.

We often reject love in its abundance because we think we must deserve it. We feel we are worth less than we are and we
reject a love that is beyond conditions because we believe we come short of what we think we must be to earn it; we
question its veracity and sincerity. Or worse yet: We think Love makes us weak because we become vulnerable to
another human being’s traits and differences. All those are mental fabrications, ego driven justifications aim at keeping
us where we are, emotionally dependent on a lie disguised as wisdom… When we allow that, we live our lives believing
the lies that the proof of our worth must come from outside of us. That we measure our lives in terms of acceptance,
accomplishments, things money and power.
Yet it is often seen that great love comes unexpected, unearned and life changing. Usually we are not even looking and
we “find” her and she changes our world. She finds you and she becomes your light, your shelter and the spring of your
life. You become her shield, her confidant, the “man” in her life, one she cannot see her life without. The two of us become
greater than the sum of our parts. Together becomes as life: ever growing and eternal.
As within, so it is without. Looking into the two sided mirror. 2
(C) 2016-2017 Raymond J Dionne Living with our eyes opened
It beckons us that we as people work at opening up to Love’s nature
and be imbued with it in all aspects of our lives.

We must first begin by acknowledging the love that is within us. The Divine sparks that comes from Above confirming
that we are invaluable, fearfully and wonderfully made with care and a Love that is unfathomable to our understanding,
but one that the essence of ourselves, our heart and soul is thirsty to embrace without need to comprehend. Love is
organic, is intuitive intelligent responsive and gentle. By its very nature, Love is always unconditional; It is not however
indiscriminate nor is it without discernment. It will never force itself into someone else life. It will flow as water to the
pattern of least resistance. But it must flow. When the flow is stopped or thwarted it will go stagnant and die.
Life invites us to learn to come to the place where we are opened to receive a different understanding and vision of who
we are than we have been told we were or what we perceive ourselves to be. We are urged to agree with the fact that we
are likely better beings than what we have come to believe we are, that we have “settled” for the notion that our
imperfections are greater than our qualities. We mistakenly believe that our life is the results of immutable factors
shaping our destiny, that our past, our inheritances invariably shape the circumstances of our lives and is an
unchangeable path on which there is no way out. Nothing is further from the reality that is out there.
The great news here is that we can change our lives by changing our notion of reality that is written in our mind. We can
change our reality by changing our perceptions of things. The outside world is but a reflection of the idea / emotion that
abides in us of what life is made up of. It is polarized between two notions: Love or Fear; it is that which shapes the
magic of our days. Once we have arrived to the conclusion that these two States of being color all that comes to our
conscious mind and that the unconscious will lead us to foregone conclusions and close in the familiar circle of the
habitual response we give, we can then see the fallacy of our perceptions and choose to correct the conclusions we arrive
at. It is then that we reach the notion that truly it is the internal that dictates the external. Thus no outcome is certain
but that one which we decide to be certain.

Once we really grasp the fact that our life isn’t dependent on external factors, we then begin to see clearly there are no
wrong or right paths. Just the paths that serve our chosen destiny and those that change it. It is the decisions we make
that make it what it is; we fashion our lives by the beliefs we hold and actions we do every day. Resist the temptation to
change to please others or as results of frustrations or setbacks. Stay on course.
As we grow and as our understanding deepens, the quality of our walk becomes more evident, and the apparent changes
become a mere course correction. Always know and remember who you are. Keep ever before you the image of the person
you really want to be; only present who you are with your character, the essence of the person you are, put on the immortal image
of you at your best, and live life following after that image. It changes little whether you are 20, 50 or a 100. Your inner being
knows who you are and what you can become. Follow your inner compass.
Love is present ever waiting for the changing of the mind, the willingness to embrace it in all its faces, the unveiling of
the heart. Once we start to see ourselves in the light of life, we are then able to see and love the person we are, in spite of
our perceptions and misgivings, we are now open to Love another having experience the divine grace that opened our
hearts to real love. 

It is an apparent paradox, that to gain what we want; we must believe and know that we already are, ready to receive
and to grow. We must find the true reasons why we love the being that we are, staying away from vain and useless
comparisons, anchoring our beliefs on the facts that our strengths and our passions are real, true, and legitimate, calling
us to take our rightful place in the universe. Once we come to the inner conviction that we are worthy of the greatest
Love that has ever been, Life will come to us with the very things that we are convinced that we deserve.
Life has an inner knowing, a compass, an understanding. It knows that it must be, It knows that it is eternal, that it
only changes shapes, places and times, but it always is, always has been always will be. Its essence is divinely ordered; its
nature carefully crafted and designed to be ever expanding as the nature of the Creator himself. This life here is finite but
it is taking us somewhere and where it leads is eternal.


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